Coaching With Horses

Are you in transition?

From school to work? Creating a family? Changing jobs? Redefining yourself? With many dreams, but not sure how to manifest them in the world? Ready to move on, but wondering where or how to start?

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Have you forgotten how incredibly resourceful and creative you truly are?

As a Life Coach I can help you:

  • Connect with your true aspirations and values
  • Align your values with your actions
  • Take stock of your inner and outer resources
  • Plan the steps to make your life and work more fulfilling and meaningful
  • Identify and overcome the obstacles on your path, and
  • Succeed!

At Twin Oaks Farm, you will do more than just talk.

Because transformation is more than wishful thinking, you will step into the arena with your whole being, learning to attune mind, heart, and body, and exploring the great art of being assertive while honing your social and emotional competency.

By observing a horse’s response to our requests and directions, we learn how to communicate more effectively and authentically, how to recognize our fears and control our emotions, and how to become more consistent in our behavior.

Touching the real world beyond our concepts

Working with horses is an invitation to reconnect with the real world of sentient beings, through your senses and intuition, beyond the limiting concepts we may have created about our environment.

We offer flexible programs

…Including one or several hour-long sessions onsite and follow-up 30-minute long telesessions. If you are already working with a coach, we are happy to co-facilitate an experiential session for you with our horses, so you may get direct feedback from the horse’s mouth.

Call now 303-502-7683 or send an email to to schedule an individual session

Coaching With Horses

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