Vision & Mission

A world informed by a vibrant appreciation for our precious human life, in empathy with, and respect for all forms of life is the vision, which led us to create Twin Oaks Farm, a beautiful 65-acre historical homestead, with tall trees, rolling fields, great views, and a team of dedicated and experienced therapists.

In this very special environment, 50 minutes from Denver and 15 from North Boulder, our mission is to help children, teens, adults, and families reconnect with their inner resources, liberate themselves from self-imposed limitations, and live a fulfilling life, by developing safety, curiosity, and mindfulness through interactions with animals.

We believe in a rigorous clinical approach to your issues, while keeping in mind that you are much, much more than the sum of all the things you may ever say about yourself, your struggles, and challenges.

Indeed, at Twin Oaks Farm we know that there is more to life than meets the eye.

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